My Return to ShotByMatt and Cars & Coffee, Truganina.


Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank you to everybody who has supported me through internet stuff arounds. For those unaware, I basically got locked out of this blog and begun the new one .

Anyway after much a’due I’ve managed to recover ShotByMatt and progress will continue as normal. A mix of automotive, architecture, abandonments and landscapes.  and to everyone on here who has sent me messages of both support and just questions, I will try my best to get back to you all, because without you guys & gals, making the move back here would be pointless.

I’d like to begin with a repost of sorts taken from Kustom Auto, one of many that I’m sure will slip in here and there as I transfer stuff back over to this blog and so without further ado, lets get on with it…

This past weekend I payed my first visit to Cars & Coffee Melbourne, held at the Foresite Training Centre at Truganina in Melbourne’s West. I think what stood out the most is the diversity of cars in attendance, from photos I had seen of previous events, I had expected it to be a mostly JDM affair, but from the moment I rolled in and first spotted a Model A Panel parked next to an LX Torana my preconception was challenged.

I love that there are more and more events like this popping up around Melbourne and Victoria, with unlike a lot of meets in past years, there are no limits to what is welcome. In all honesty I was a little wary driving an hour and a half to Truganina on the basis that my (still for sale) VL Commodore wouldn’t be welcome, but rolling in behind a CE Lancer with an eBay body kit I knew I was probably a shoe in.

You may have read I recently wrote a short article on the hate in our car scene and how we should go about changing it, and events such as this are probably the best way to make that happen. Honda’s & hotrods, drift cars & muscle, all parked alongside one another and all sharing and relating through the one passion, our ever changing and inspiring car scene.

C&C-Melbourne is an event I’m certainly going to return to, but for now enjoy what captured during my first attendance.





Picture7539 Picture7530 Picture7531 Picture7532 Picture7533 Picture7534 Picture7535 Picture7536 Picture7537

Picture7548 Picture7540 Picture7541 Picture7542 Picture7543 Picture7544 Picture7545 Picture7546 Picture7547


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