An American Western in the Australian East.


I first noticed this house around 6 months ago and although I’ve never been to America, I instantly felt like I’d stumbled upon a vision of 1930’s New Mexico. I knew I had to shoot it but didn’t want to rush anything with this location and so put it on the back-burner. This photo was taken this morning under the relatively clear sky (which I was hoping would last), taken more-so as a reference than anything else as I had planned to go back tonight to photograph it under the stars – hence hoping the clear sky would remain. Well this being Victoria, the clear sky was only to be temporary and unfortunately the rain has set in. And so it seems not tonight, but nonetheless expect to see more of this location in the not too distant future.


2 thoughts on “An American Western in the Australian East.

  1. Wow! What an amazing shot, that really does look like it could be in America somewhere. It is my absolute dream to go to America and shoot some really beautiful places as well as the more grungy parts of Detroit and what not. I’ve been slack on my WordPress (so much effort making a new blog!) but I came back here because I was sure I read the other day you weren’t keen on social media but got a new Instagram, I hope i’m not going crazy at least ha ha gonna try check now 🙂

    • Hey Aim, thanks, yeah that house kind of amazed me when I saw it haha, it was one of those double take moments. No worries, I don’t mind at all. If you’re ever down South Gippsland way again, let me know, I’m in South Gippy and know of a few places worth checking out, if you’re keen. Phone number is on my contact page.

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