Catch-up Post; Fuel Magazine Coffee & Classics IV, The Japan Issue Launch.


Reposted from my former Kustom Auto blog, I’ve been a follower, supporter and buyer of Fuel Magazine (and more recently it’s sister publication) Tank Moto for several years now, so I was quite looking forward to this release. Shortly after I had begun developing an interest in Japanese Car Culture, of which I’m becoming more passionate about, Fuel Press released Fuel Magazine Issue 18 – The Japan Issue, a launch I couldn’t miss.

So I headed down to the launch in Port Melbourne which coincided with the Fuel Magazine run Coffee & Classics IV in Fennel St, located between the Globe Shoe Company and Toyota Headquarters, with hair trimmings on offer at Uncle Rocco’s & coffee available from the Salford Lads Club.

(Opening photo – Ash’s RA series Celica)

Picture7301 Picture7302 Picture7303 Picture7304

Above – Adam’s beautiful restored Celica

Above – Marcus’ Ratty¬†Shovelnose Corona. It now wears dished 12 slotters and a muscle car stance.

Picture7308 Picture7309

Above РThis Bluebird ran an N/A SR20 from memory. 
Picture7310 Picture7311 Picture7312 Picture7313

Above – A rare Toyota 800, the smaller version of the 2000GT.

Picture7315 Picture7317 Picture7318

Above & Below – Paul Vanzella’s Richard Zocchi built 1962 Dodge.

Picture7322 Picture7319 Picture7324

Above & Below – This S13 looked rather sublte, just the deleted rear seat and halfcage hinting at what it may have been packing under the bonnet, this was backed by the sound of it taking off up the street, simply amazing.

Picture7325 Picture7326 Picture7328


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