Certified III, Birrarung Marr. Part One.


For the third year in a row the 100mm crew killed it with Certified III once again topping the previous year’s event. The level of cars far exceeded those on display in previous years, including the first ‘official’ (which spent last weekend in Sydney at WTAC) outing for Southern Cross – Australia’s first RWB Porsche. Also on display was the first Rocket Bunny S15 in Australia as well as the first Liberty Walk M3 (all bar one shot of the M3 coming in part two, so you’ll have to stay tuned).

With good weather, good food, good music, good location, Certified III certainly lived up to the idea behind the event to bring enthusiasts from all walks of life together for one purpose – to share a passion for all things automotive.

Picture7675 Picture7670Above: Tad’s rear wheel drive converted GD Impreza is pretty impressive (mind the pun) slammed over chrome CCW’s with WEARELIKEWISE Thugnuts protruding and oh just 12 degrees of negative camber.


Above: Liberty Walk M3. Pieced together by Sunus Motorsport.

Picture7671Above & Below: This Cressida was beyond clean, and is all original with only having one previous owner.

Picture7676Picture7683 Picture7677 Picture7678 Picture7679 Picture7680 Picture7681 Picture7682


2 thoughts on “Certified III, Birrarung Marr. Part One.

    • I almost bought a similar year model Cressida myself several months back, unfortunately it turned out to be sold. It’s hard to find one in bad condition as most are one owner cars and if modified right can look amazing. I’m sure I’ll get myself one one day.

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