Spotlight Feature – Two Rare Bimota’s.


I’ve never been into sports bikes, they’ve just never peaked my interests. I rarely take notice when they pass on the street and I certainly have no interest in watching or attending super bike or sports bike events.. until yesterday. I was walking through the annual Lang Lang show & shine in 30 odd degree heat, I just had no interest in looking at anything, let alone shooting anything, that was until I came across this pair of rare Bimota’s.

The bike’s are owned by a small group of local friends and enthusiasts who also brought along a bright orange Honda Rickman, a race ready MG roadster, and a replica Lotus 11 amongst others.

The 1984 SB4 is the bike that mainly stood out to me with it’s boxy 80’s lines. The SB4 has been with the same owner since 1996, and is in unrestored original condition. This particular bike is chassis No. 122 of only 272 built – of which only 155 were painted in the red and pearl white that adorns this bike. Only 4 SB4’s are believed to exist in Australia.

Bimota designed and produced the body and frame in which an 1100cc Suzuki 4 cylinder was inserted, backed by a 5 speed trans’ and with the only modifications being larger carburettors and a Staintune exhaust, the SB4 is capable of 255kph.



Below; Although they look to be precisely CNC machined, the footrests, gear selector and aluminium frame parts were all milled by hand.







The second bike only wound up in Australia last year after being imported from Japan in order to be restored. It is a 1990 YB8 with a Yamaha 1000cc 4 cylinder, build No. 187 of a total production run of 252. This YB8 is one of only two YB8’s to exist in Australia.

The two bike’s featured here are on club registration and are street ridden, and perhaps a sign of my maturing taste or maybe just finding a niche in which I previously didn’t think I had an interest but, if one of these sports bikes passed me on the street, I’d definitely take notice.






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