Classic Japan’s Sakura Picnic. Bundoora Park – Part Two.


Continuing with the photos from Sakura Picnic at Bundoora Park.



Above: The AE80 Corolla is an often forgotten model, being the first generation of Corolla to come in front wheel drive configuration, it tends to be over looked from a modification point of view, but that didn’t stop the owner of this one from making it a little cooler than standard. With 14″ Watanabe style wheels, bolt on arches, fender mirrors, a rising sun painted on the underside of the bonnet and front lip. This would be one AE80 that I’d use on a daily basis.





Above: Much like back in the day where you’d wheel your son or daughter around a car show or swap meet in a lowered Radio Flyer or a cut up beer barrel bolted to a chassis, why not go one better and build a stanced pedal car like this one from Asphalt Assassins.


Above & Below: As well as cars there were several bikes in attendance, but this stripped down and basic Yamaha cafe racer is the one that caught my attention, I’ll admit that I don’t know a whole lot when it comes to bikes but I do know when I see something undeniably cool.


Above & Below: Adding to the cool factor of the bike was the yellow visor of the helmet, which also had a Pinheads Osaka sticker and inside, leather riding gloves from Suus.



Below: I’m frustrated with the fact that I didn’t get more photos of this 1st Generation Civic coupe, with the exception of small changes such as the open air filter, it was almost in concourse approved condition. I would like to get some more photos of it if anybody does happen to know the owner.



Above & Below: A couple more photos of the N20 Hilux I showed a black & white photo of in Part One.




Above: Street drift spec’ S14 with mismatched wheels and shotgun exhaust, complete with standard bodywork. No need for big kits here, only the necessities. 





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