‘Eastside JDM’ May Meet, Rowville.


‘Hwy’ – For those in the know is a Melbourne tradition. Maybe you’ve never been or even heard of Hwy Nights, but the Hwy in question is Princes Hwy and the night is Friday.  For decades automotive enthusiasts have been travelling to a particular short stretch of this Melbourne institution to come together, hang out and cruise as groups, including my Dad back in the day – in fact he was the one who suggested this to me almost 9 years ago when I turned 18 and had built my first modified car.

Over the years Hwy became bigger and bigger – I witnessed this myself after 4-5 years of it being my Friday night religion. Of course when more and more automotive enthusiasts (and enthusiasts of the bike variety) gather unofficially as a group the boys in blue take notice. On top of that, the hoon laws and defect hand-outs have become so strict that it was becoming more and more risky to go for a drive down the popular stretch of blacktop and has almost ceased entirely. Some would suggest bringing an end to Melbourne’s amazing Friday night car culture, but this only opens up the door for lets say more ‘mature’ Friday night meetings, where car’s are hard parked and everybody gets the chance and opportunity to take a closer look at some of Melbourne’s finest steel, without as much of  a worry of a little yellow sticker, or notice from our do-gooding friends at the EPA. 

What better place to have one of these meetings but in a suburban carpark opposite a Police station. Even the local Highway Patrol popped through a couple of times to take a look without lights flashing or moving anyone on. Now this is no Daikoku, but what better way to spend a Friday night in the company of fellow car guy’s and girl’s, taking photos, meeting new people, talking cars and eating food.

Above: Why not kick this off with a photo of my own 910 Bluebird which I introduced you all to recently, now sporting its latest addition – A bit of Swedish plastic in the form of a Volvo 240 front lip.




Above & Below: If Skyline’s are your thing, there were Skylines a’plenty covering all bases – from drift spec’ to stock original, and mouth watering examples such as Steve’s tastefully modded R34 GTR (below).


Below: Seeing this flashy, all lit up Stagea instantly transported me to a Japanese parking area in all it’s showy off glory. Now, not everyone’s cup of tea, seeing well done neons on a car seems to have once again become cool again. Maybe we can credit Japan’s flashy Lamborghini’s for this one (maybe Youtube that).





Below: S2000’s seem to becoming a little few and far between these days (for whatever reason) so it was nice to see these two representing. The one pictured was made up of mostly carbon fibre panels.






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