Scenes of Japan (Melbourne)// P1.



So I’m basically fascinated by a place I’ve never been to, no points for guessing that that place is Japan. What started as being inspired by and in awe of the country’s automotive culture scene has grown beyond that.. way beyond that, and I’m aware that I’m, not the only person who looks out for or tries to ‘create’ if you will, a little bit of JDM Land at home.

Now this is an idea that I’ve had for a while that never really got past just being an idea, to seek out and capture scenes that unless knowing the back story on the photograph would have you thinking that it was genuinely taken in the land of the Rising Sun.

I’ve often noted scenes in my memory bank through viewing them – as we all do – but maybe seeing more than the average person in that I see the influence of other culture in the simplest of forms. Now, maybe I’m looking too far into it or have a false imagination of what a scene from Japan would truly be given that I have never been, however. Through reading many automotive related articles on many car culture sites, such as Japanese Nostalgic Car, Speedhunters and the like, I’m often looking at the photo backdrops as much as I am what the photo is actually highlighting. And from this I’ve built up in my mind and relate what I’m seeing here on the streets of Melbourne to eerily similar images that I’ve previously seen from Japan.

This new series/gallery set will likely just be a single image, or short gallery dropped into my blog here and there and not always be automotive related. I have many locales already noted that I’d like to capture for this particular series so more will follow.

As a side-note, Atmospheria is a continuing project and P2 will be happening in the near future.

About P1// You may think a photo of an early 2000’s unregistered air bagged but otherwise stock S-Class Mercedes would be the furthest thing from an imagining of a Japanese scene. But the Japanese love a big Euro VIP sedan and on more than one occasion I have seen a photograph of a previously modified Euro sedan sitting unloved and forgotten in a  JDM car yard, often at the back, and often in such a state as pictured. This photograph wasn’t entirely about the Mercedes though but the whole scene, The unloved Buicks, seemingly being imported and unwanted due to the higher road tax of owning such a car. The lettering missing off the 1960’s showroom, to the at the time popular, efficient and cheap vertical tin and glass facade that would have been bright yellow and blue in its heyday to encourage you inside.

**I recently went back past this scene and there has now been a large ‘For Sale’ sign placed directly in front of the Mercedes, selling the former tile showroom that it’s parked in front of.


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