TCCA – Winterfest 2016. Sandown Raceway.


Winterfest 2016 was the first time I’d attended the annual event held by the Toyota Car Club of Australia and is an event open to all models of Toyota and Lexus. (For those overseas reading this, Scions aren’t officially sold in Australia, otherwise it would be open to those as well). In it’s second year at Melbourne’s Sandown Raceway, the show stuck with last year’s catch phrase of ‘Show – Race – Drive’.  Pretty self explanatory really considering it’s held at a race track. This year’s special showcase was celebrating 50 years of Corolla.

I was a late ‘arrivee’ to the event, showing up at around midday and so I really only had a couple of hours to take it all in and photograph what stood out to me. Although the show officially went until 4pm, it seems alot of people were packing up and leaving around 2pm, which kind of gave me more opportunity to take the details in of the cars that remained without being overwhelmed by what to look at next. Although I probably didn’t get to experience the full morning atmosphere of the event, my couple of hours spent wandering around and snapping away were encouraging enough for Winterfest to be an event to add to my yearly calendar.


Below: The MX32 Cressida is a car that I’ve long had a fascination with (I have nearly purchased one on several occasions and I’m sure some day I will) and this x32 below from JVN Garage was the ultimate for me in what an MX32 could possibly be. This is the same car which stood out to me at last year’s 100mm Certified event with its Kaido Racer style door numbering and rolling on dished old school JDM wheel’s of some description (I can’t seem to find a photo showing the wheel face and so I’m unsure of what they were) but this year it was back and with a completely new look in that of lowrider inspired California look. Keep an eye out here for a spotlight feature on this car coming very soon…



Above & Below: Proper ‘Bippu’ VIP builds seem to be a little few and far between in Australia, but the ones that do get around are always quality like this SC400 with 20″ Work Equips filling the guards. I’m quite sure this car was static too.





Above & Below: All the way from Western Australia came this completely original example of an MX32 – A stark contrast to the faded blue Cal’ style one. This car could easily have been a museum piece. I’m unsure of whether it drove from W.A for the event or is now owned by a local.

**Edit 15/06/16 – Since posting this I’ve been notified (see comments below) that the car is  now owned by local TCCA club member Adam Laws. Which is great to hear, as I look forward to seeing this car again.





Above & Below: This MX73 Cressida just oozed shakotan street racer with the perfect amount of USDM and kustom styling thrown in. It appeared to be the original blue paint with a coat of clear flake over the top but I could be wrong on that. Static low on widened Watanabe’s, with a flake Royal steering wheel, and those decals aren’t just for looks, it really was running a twin turbo set up.






Below: It wasn’t all Toyota’s though, with the track open to all cars, there were more than just those of the ‘TEQ’ variety.




That’s all my coverage for this year’s event. Keep an eye out for that MX32 Spotlight Feature coming soon.



4 thoughts on “TCCA – Winterfest 2016. Sandown Raceway.

  1. I think his name was Peter Costigan, and aside from being on tv with a usually silly political diatribe, also Lord Mayor of Melbourne and he was also a motoring writer and boy did he wax lyrically about the Toyota Cressida, I think that particular model. It must have been one of the first cars to have some controls on the steering wheel spokes.

    • I vaguely remember you mentioning sometime back about Peter Costigan and Cressida’s. I’m even convinced I want another Cressida, I did own an MX83 for a short period which I purchased with the inevitable (for that model) blown head gasket. But they really are a great all round car and one of the only true Australian delivered JDM cars (another being the early Crown models) – in that they came to our shore as new with all the same options as the Japanese models. Something that pretty much ceased after the Cressida went out of production.

      Cressida’s were actually quite well optioned for the time. My MX83 model, a 1991 build – had electric windows, electric sunroof, electric mirrors and I believe electric seats. How many Australian built cars had all those options in the 80’s/ early 90’s.

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