A Look Back – Oil Stained Brain 2013.


Before getting new (still in the works) projects up and currently in-between planned events, I thought I’d post up a quick look back at Oil Stained Brain 2013. I did plan to get alot of look back style posts up, however as it turns out I no longer have alot of the originals of these photos due to my back up storage device being lost. Which is no real big loss I feel as the future of this blog will be only getting better and moving forward so why look back to where it started if the quality wasn’t exactly there(?).

OSB 2013 was the second year for the event at the Melbourne DIY motorcycle workshop, The Kustom Kommune, and was the only OSB event that I’ve personally attended (mainly due to other commitments happening around the same time as the event since 2013). In this post, is just a handful of re-edited/re-processed photos from the 2013 event and so they aren’t the same as the original ones that I posted here back in 2013 (this mentioned post was removed in the cleaning up of my blog recently). But are of much better visual quality as my skills in processing images has improved since.

So for now, enjoy this small selection and look forward to a bigger and better future.. Oh and that MX32 feature is also still on it’s way, so keep a look out for that hitting your eyeballs.








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