Blog Update.


So for quite a while I’ve been thinking about how I can better my blog and make it more automotive related, that’s not to say that I no longer enjoy architectural photography – this aspect will remain in small parts, but my main passion; my main focus has for a long time been all things automotive. In the coming week a rebrand will be happening with a new name (as you may have seen the header by now), and a new vision for the future of ShotByMatt. Following much deliberation as to what to call it – I had several ideas which I thought worked brilliantly however to no surprise these were all taken, I could have stuck with my former auto related blog title of KustomAuto but I’ve settled on highstyle auto culture...

My reasoning behind this is because I also want to go into apparel and merchandise in the very near future – I do stress that this is in no way for reasons of making a profit but purely an outlet for all my design ideas and a way for me to express my passion for all types of cars and bikes. I believe this is a name that will work well with everything automotive from Concours classics to cambered out stance cars, not to mention as a blog title and automotive merch brand. Matt Lindsay Photography will still exist and I am always looking to work with and provide photographs for magazines and other blogs – so if you like what you see here and are interested in me covering events or shooting feature cars for you, then by all means, click on the Contact tab above and send me over an email.

I hope that the rebranding turns nobody off because at the end of the day, it’s purely a name and will have no effect on the content posted here; that will remain as it has for the past 8 years; quality and consistent.


– Matt.


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