Bavarian Motor Werks at Motorclassica & Merch Release.


I wasn’t too sure how or in what order to post things from Motorclassica, so due to having quite a lot of both from Mercedes and BMW, I’ve decided to post each of those Marques in their own respective gallery. Aside from upcoming Motorclassica coverage you may have noticed a new tab up the top of the page; yes the Store is now up and running, it’s been a long time coming and this first batch of merchandise is at the moment strictly limited. I currently have an availability of x10 Highstyle slap stickers at $6.00 each incl. shipping within Australia. These measure at 190mm by 50mm and feature the ‘highstyle.’ logo coupled with the tagline of ‘Patience – Passion – Drive’ (because we all know with our lifestyle it takes a lot of patience regardless of how passionate or driven you are). Background features a Ferrari Dino dashboard and each sticker is printed in high quality gloss. Also now available is the first of our T-shirts, all are black and available in S,M or L at $50.00au each, plus shipping. Each T shirt is hand pressed and these feature the ‘highstyle.’ logo on the front left breast and on the rear; a stanced Lexus GS along with the ‘highstyle.’ logo underneath and the Patience – Passion – Drive tagline.

Anyway, back to Motorclassica… After spending sometime taking in all that was outside, it was time to head in; because you’re directed upstairs upon entering and have to make your way half way around the mezzanine before being able to head down to the main floor where all of the Concours cars are located, I originally had the plan to not look over the railing and just make my way around and down, to take it all in before getting into the photographs. Curiosity and impatience got the better of me and I had a quick glance over; amongst all the highly polished steel below, what stood out instantly was the infamous livery of two John Player Special BMW’s directly below and so a destination was set and my original plan dissipated…

Down stairs a beeline was made to the BMW section, and so this first part of my MC coverage is dedicated to all that was on offer from Bavarian Motor Werks… okay well not all as I didn’t get a clear shot of the M1 and never made it back before my camera battery opted out for the day, but other than that here’s a selection of the classics.


Above & Below: The JPS BMW’s on display were an E24 coupe (Above) and an E30 Coupe (Below).



Both stripped, caged and race prepped, these are in the car of BMW ‘s heritage collection and were originally built for and raced in the Bathurst 1000 during the 80’s.



Above: Rare BBS Turbofans alone were pretty cool to see fitted to the E24.



Above & Below: Neatly restored 2002 Alpina.


Above & Below: The unique and rare BMW M1. Unfortunately these are the only two shots I ended up getting of this.

Above & Below: BMW 328 looking like it drove straight in from the Mille Miglia.



Above: Rare 2002 hatch. 

Above & Below: There were two of these E9 3.0 CSL coupes; a  blue and red, above is red and below interior shot is from the blue one.

That’s all from BMW, up next will be all what Mercedes had on offer.



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