Mercedes at Motorclassica – Celebrating 130 Years.



I had planned to get more than one gallery from Motorclassica up per week since attending last month but I’ve been a little busy lately and I just haven’t found the time. It turns out that my current daily, Datsun 910 is due to become a full track car with the little encouragement I received from Victoria Police in the form of a major defect with RWC required. So the hunt is currently on for a new daily and every spare minute I can find in each day has pretty much been spent browsing classifieds. I’m really unsure of what I want at the moment; an easily modifiable and reliable EK Civic, or maybe a somewhat rare 80’s Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, with all its JDM VIP necessities and pure cool factor – pretty much the depth and extent of my search at the moment so making up my mind is the final obstacle really. It’s Sunday as I’m writing this (even though you’ll be reading this on Tuesday) but I decided to skip today’s Motorex Cruise for Charity, and am still considering whether or not to go to the 1st Annual Pakenham Car Show which goes until 4pm. I’m also waiting to hear back from a couple of advertised cars to go and have a look at, why is it that everyone who advertises a car these days never seems to answer the phone..?


Well I’ve just finished this off prior to you now reading it as I‘ve been a bit busy between starting this write-up and now and so had to put it on hold. I didn’t end up going to the show at Pakenham but I did however buy a new daily; a 95 Honda Accord. So work will begin on that upon getting it home (because I never learn), hopefully later this week. I may start a few posts on it once work begins but you’re better off following my personal account on Instagram for that @highstyle_matt . I’ll also have a short feature coming soon on my previous daily before that’s transformed.

For now though, I’ll get on with Motorclassica because I’m way behind. Mercedes was marking 130 years at MC this year and so here’s some of what represented MB at MC…




Above: Clean 280SE on restored OEM wheels.




Above: A one off Mercedes ute, only in Australia right? It was built from a mid-50’s W120 sedan.


Above & Below: 560 SEC convertible on 100 spoke wires. Leather, wood and electric everything, this example was expected to fetch around $45,000 in the auction.



Above & Below: Beautifully restored 300SL ‘Gullwing’. The paint on this looked incredible, I can only imagine how the mildly pearl paint stood out to passers-by in the 50’s.

Above: Next to the Gullwing was this immaculate 300SEL. Fitted with a 6.3 litre and wearing heritage plates, it was finished in the same mildly pearl blue hue.



Above: Lastly above I forgot to check what model this was,but regardless it was clean. The silver and red colour combination worked perfectly and it was stage side next to the new C-Class Cabriolet finished in metallic black.

I’m not sure what I’ll be getting up next here. I have a set of mixed photos covering Motorclassica in general which will highly likely be up next and then I will also have a few spotlight features from MC but I may put them on hold for now and move on to something else…


2 thoughts on “Mercedes at Motorclassica – Celebrating 130 Years.

  1. I don’t know much about modern Mercedes cars but older Mercedes were just wonderful cars to drive and so stylish. Great photos of a brand that was once very special.

    • Thanks Andrew, they really were. Each to their own with the newer cars but they’re (mostly) just overpriced plastic. I had a 1971 model w114 at one stage, I sold it for next to nothing, I still think that was a mistake.

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