(Most of) The rest from Motorclassica.


So, what’s been going on? The short answer; a lot but not much. So I finally got to pick up my new car, did I mention I bought one? I think I might have, that means two things; one: the Bluebird can now be fully rebuilt to how I envisioned it but found hard to make happen due to practicality and daily duties and two: I have a new car to modify and attempt not to get defected. So after being told the car was ready to go, more or less drive away I had to wait a week and kept getting the answer of not today, not today, maybe tomorrow. That was until I had enough and got firm that I needed it yesterday and da-dah it’s home and I’ve already had it fitted with lowered springs (although they really aren’t low enough for my taste…  seriously, they’re not). In hindsight I should have looked into adjustable coil overs but took the easy option of King Spring Lows as they are the only lowered spring available for a CD5 Accord. Maybe if I hang onto it long enough I’ll line up some airbag suspension (when funds allow) but we’ll cross that when we get to it. The defect notice that my Bluebird received just HAD to expire a couple of days before DatSunday at Yarra Glen which I had planned to take it to. I had also planned to look into Volkswagen Day, also at Yarra Glen on the same day, albeit probably a good excuse not to go as that day got to 36’c. 

Anyway, on with Motorclassica. This will be my final MC post for at least a little while, I’m going to move on but will post up the few spotlight features I captured at the show over time, so for now enjoy…

Above: Replica 911 RS was up for auction but I’ve forgotten how much it was expected to fetch. It had a semi stripped interior and custom Fuchs wheels.


Above & Below: Period correct ’32 Ford roadster which I forgot to get an exterior shot of (that happened alot). Was fitted with a dressed up flathead V8, ’40 Ford dash, and matching colour widened steel wheels with ’40 Ford Deluxe caps and dress rings.




Above & Below: Can never go wrong with silver on red and this Maserati Bora looked stunning in that colour combo.



Above & Below: Not too shabby convertible Jaguar XK120 barnfind was up for auction and expected to bring in around $85,000.


Below: And was untouched right down to the original period boot-mount luggage rack.


Below: Also up for auction was this genuine (it’d want to be) XY GTHO Phase III Falcon. If you had a spare $450,000 in your back pocket, it could have been yours.



Above & Below: Beautiful in red, Alfa Romeo Montreal.



Above: Period racing style Jaguar C-Type. 


Above & Below: $150,000 – $170,000 was the estimate for this Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino.




Above & Below: Another car I didn’t get an exterior shot of was this dark metallic grey on beige DeTomaso Mangusta. I don’t think the duco was a factory colour, and I assume neither was black for the OEM wheels but damn it looked good.




Above: Lastly, a quite tame looking (in comparison to all above) but by far no less beautiful Jaguar E-Type coupe.


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