Kustom Nationals 2017, Friday Night at San Remo.



Kustom Nats always seems to fall on a weekend of either heat or occasionally rain. It’s been quite a while since the second weekend of January has just been ‘nice’ and well unfortunately this year’s Kustom Nationals was no different. Three days forecast to be above 30’c with Saturday – the first official day at the circuit and also the day I had planned to go being forecast with an expected high of 37’c, there was no way I was going. It takes a lot for me to skip a planned event but for those of you who know me, will damn well also know that the heat and I are not friends, and basically if it’s hot, I’m not going. Well I suppose the forecast for the Sunday at a high of 29’c was somewhat bearable and had I not already planned to go to the local swap meet on said Sunday I probably just would have made that the day I attended the Nat’s. Luckily I did attend the local swap however… or somewhat unluckily because that resulted in the birth of a new project, this time of the two wheeled variety; an unfinished Yamaha YBR125 café racer and those who follow me on Insta would have already seen it, I also managed to pick up a few items for the Bluebird of which yes updates are coming to Highstyle at some point… Anyhow instead of Sunday, we just headed down to San Remo for Friday night’s activities and it seemed many had the same idea because the beach front parking lot and grassed area (and San Remo’s main street…. And all the side streets) were absolutely packed with cars and people.


After many laps we found a spot in an empty block down a side street and walked over to the main parking area (oh and by the way, thank you to the owner of the white Falcon who parked directly behind me and boxed me in at some point during the evening). Between some of the more regular expected kustoms and rods which attend every year there were also quite a few newbies I hadn’t seen before in person and many I regret not getting photos of, but I wasn’t stressing about shooting Friday night, it was more of a relax and enjoy type thing so here’s some of what I got.


Opening photo, Above and Below: Toxic Rat was one of the cars which on Friday night at least, had a constant crowd of viewers, admirers and photo takers and it’s easy to see why when I tell you that what you are looking at isn’t a mix of 60’s style lace, fanning, flake paint and gold leaf but wrap… the entire car is vinyl wrapped. Which is kind of mind blowing, not only to the extent of how perfectly the wrap had been layed with no air bubbles or even any sign of it being wrapped (unless you look very closely inside the window openings) but also because of how perfectly the lines of the car are followed. The rear rounded areas of the Tudor body would have been hard enough to get right but look at those custom tail light housings, wrapping those alone I’m sure was a mammoth effort. The ’30 Tudor was built by Melbourne’s own Exotic Graphix, and shipped to Vegas last year for SEMA where it took out the Avery Dennison Wrap Like A King Challenge and seeing this thing in person, it’s easy to see why. Well done guys, hats off.




Above: Drive your shit.


Above and Below: This in the build ’55/’56 Buick was insane; Bagged, channelled and chopped were just the beginning. It also featured lace and fanned roof, ’55 Cadillac headlights and surrounds. A custom take on the 4 Buick front guard vents, a late 50’s Corvette? grille, and frenched ’56 Packard tail lights.




Above and Below: One of around 5 custom Beetles in attendance. This one had a neat OEM  style luggage rack and rode on bags.




Above and Below: Traditionally styled ’31 roadster with a ’32 grille and flathead fitted with raised manifold and dual 97 Strombergs.




Above and Below: Another custom Beetle, also on bags by AccuAir and fitted with some goodies from Likewise.





Above: I’ve seen this chopped and flamed custom ’49 Cadillac around the traps for a few years now and although it’s pretty cool there was always something that threw me off about that front end and the other night I worked it out… the number plate placement is quite odd, other than that. Thumbs up.



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