Highstyle – Low Bird.


This 1985 Nissan Bluebird 910 that you see before you is one that you’ve seen here before, it’s also a car which is close to my heart because well, it is mine. I’ve mentioned how it came to be mine in the previous post I put up on it, but to refresh your memories it was a one owner, immaculately looked after and I had to make it mine. I had no plans to completely change the car, I mean, wider wheels, a nice stance and I thought I would have been happy. Then things got a bit out of hand and the local law enforcement took notice and awarded me with a yellow sticker, a ticket to a RWC inspection and gave me a reason for a rebuild. What you see before you is the guise the car wore on the last day it saw the road, this is far from how it looks now and where it’s currently heading. The faux race style graphics above are gone and it is currently being prepped for paint, but what colour? Well the next time you see this car posted here on Highstyle, you’ll find out…

To see this build progress though, follow me on Instagram @highstyle_matt.


Above: Shameless plug – Highstyle Stickers still available. Click Store or email me.


Above & Below: The headlights are cantered Toyota Corona items, if you remember a previous project of mine, you’ll know where they came from, they will remain.



Below: Period Correct-ish.



Below: Tsurikawa (Japanese subway train hang handle) is an icon of the ‘Bosozoku’ and is used as a ‘f*ck you’ in regards to Japans strict no tolerance society. They have since become a staple of JDM style car builds. 


Below: front guards and custom vents are currently being blended properly and repaired prior to the new paint job being layed.



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