In Accordance with Daily Duties.


Whilst on the subject of my own cars, I might as well continue with what replaced the Bluebird for everyday duties, oh and pardon the intended pun for the title of this post…

Well, once the Bluebird was garaged inevitably, the hunt was on for something else, and as fun as driving a slammed-ish older car everyday is, I felt like getting something a little more comfortable. I had actually intended on buying and was hunting around for a Honda CR-V, I found a couple I had wanted to look at but one sold before I had the chance to and the other; upon closer inspection of the photos was more of a mess than I’d first thought. I’m not sure what made me buy an Accord, I had previously seen a really nice example of a CD5 in the same Sherwood Green Pearl colour as mine at Sakura Picnic and I liked the fact that its a Honda which (at least here in Aus)  is a little less seen in modified form than a Civic. That probably triggered something upon viewing this car in person, plus the price was right and it came with registration and a roadworthy certificate so that was a bonus… Oh and it’s VTEC. Another pre-requisite I had; if I was buying a Honda, it had to be either VTEC or manual, better if both but this is auto. It’s a 1995 (facelift version) CD5 Honda Accord, fitted with the four cylinder 2.2 litre SOHC F22 VTEC engine, capable of 145hp (108kw) although as Moog from Mighty Car Mods would say; a few unicorns have probably escaped. Being a daily though it doesn’t really need to be fast and mods have been kept to a minimum. Obviously it’s a little lower than standard which is courtesy of King Spring Lows and a visit from the angle grinder, other mods are a rear straight pipe – which as of late I’ve been considering putting at least a ‘hotdog’ on to quieten it a little, and up front it also runs a pod filter.


I admit it’s nothing special and certainly probably isn’t worth posting about, and it has been a little love/ hate since purchasing back in November 2016, I did put it up for sale at one point with plans to buy a 4wd but my mind changed and I hope to (once the Bluebird is painted) pay it a little more attention with some adjustable coil overs, maybe some wider ‘stancier’ wheels and some custom VIP style bodywork. I should have some content coming shortly which doesn’t involve my own personal projects but until then, enjoy.


Above: ‘Noise’ intentional.


Above: Factory Honda 10 stack CD player.


Above: Electric mirrors and window switches, other ‘luxuries’ include electric sunroof, cruise control and A/C. Apparently that’s all $40,000 bought you in 1995.



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