Eastside JDM Easter Meet – An Unassuming Stanza & Some Extras.



It was another one of those nights the Thursday before Good Friday where I knew about a meet and the decision to go or not begun, once the little one was asleep and my Mum agreed to baby sit, I found myself getting ready and in the car before my mind was even fully made up. Eastside JDM are a group of Japanese car enthusiasts based in the south east suburbs. They hold meets on or around a monthly basis with them either held in a dimly lit Rowville carpark or my preferred location, the undercover Aldi carpark at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. I’ve featured an Eastside meet in this location before (see link), and everyone’s usually pretty good, but after last Thursday I do wonder if they will ever be able to use the location again.

There’s no real point going into the detail and making an issue out of things, but after a succession of revving, the Police did happen to show up and I’ve never seen a carpark full of people who have done nothing wrong empty so fast. It kind of just makes it look like something illegal is going on or has gone down. With flashing lights coming in our direction, flutter and spool noise rose all around, speed humps were no obstacle to most and around 30-40 cars exited within less than 2 minutes. Some people remained, sitting on their bonnets just watching the chaos. The Police parked up, ushering cars out and I left as well. I’m unsure if anybody received a defect or infringement of any sort but one high powered and probably not so street legal car was definitely safe and wouldn’t have received a second look from the boys in blue once bonnets were closed…



Parked over on the darker side of the carpark, sat a pair of late 70’s Datsun Stanza’s, neither of which seemed like anything too special and it wasn’t until glancing in the engine bay of the beige one that it caught my attention. The unmistakable red DOHC rocker cover of the very 90’s SR20 definitely wasn’t a 70’s item, and neither was the custom plenum or Garrett turbo pumping out 30psi strapped to the side of it. Surprisingly the SR sits really, really well in the Stanza engine bay and could almost look factory… well if everything was painted black and you squinted. With standard height, wheels, hidden intercooler and even the rear 1.5” ‘pea shooter’ exhaust exiting at the rear, you’d never know the secrets hiding under the bonnet of this unassuming Datsun.


Look a little closer and you’ll notice a few giveaways such as the aftermarket shifter, digital speedometer and boost gauge on the inside and on the out, a keen eye wouldn’t miss the wider rear steelies fitted with semi slicks. The car was actually fitted with a 3” exhaust which I assume dumps at the diff, having the pipe only welded on separate at the back to complete the sleeper look. The suspension also appeared to be quite stiff so I’m guess that it’s also fitted with aftermarket springs, I’m sure it’d be a handful at full boost and feel quite loose, especially without the added rigidity of a cage but hey, that’d ruin the look… Safety second.


Below: It now stands for Good Luck.


I’ll add a few extra photos from the night below, I didn’t take many, I mainly just wandered. With the revving and whatnot, it can be a pain to get long exposure shots without vibration through the camera.


Above: Apart from the new plates, this dust covered four door RX4 on period correct Jelly Bean mags looked like it’d been sitting in a barn for at least 20 years.


Above: Super Rare Advan Racing VER II’s. Personally I’m not keen on the stick-on red stripes but still cool nonetheless, these were fitted to an S2000.


Above: Fresh Chaser. Not sure what the wheels were but the rear’s were wider and more concave than the fronts.


Below: Bronze Work XD9’s fitted to an STi hatch from Gorilla Stance.


Below: I’ll finish on this clean EK hatch running Mugen RnR wheels.



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