Static Accord Update & Some Never Before Published Photos.


I can’t remember if I even mentioned it but I was always planning on fitting adjustable coil overs in the Accord, up until this point it had chopped King Springs and wasn’t the nicest ride. Well I ended up getting coil overs, nothing fancy just eBay ones but the car isn’t going to be track day-ed or abused (obviously) so they should be alright just for regular driving. I had them set quite low when I initially fitted them as per the photos and every now and then the underside would smash the road which was a bit fucked. I have raised it slightly for everyday driving and I may even put the factory alloy wheels back on too and only swap back to the pictured wheels for car meets/ shows, etc. But overall it looks a lot better and although they aren’t the stiffest, they are better than chopped ones.



Oh yeah and the roof racks are new too.

Now onto the photos I haven’t put up before, I was just going through older stuff and cleaning up and figured I might as well put a few up, starting with this fresh E46 coupe which travelled down from NSW for 100mm Certified 2015… what happened to the 100mm series of events anyway..? :/ Unfortunately  and I don’t know why but I don’t think I got a photo of the E30 sitting next to it on Work Emitz.



Above: @hezath’s (on Instagram) Nissan Cedric wagon on SSR Starsharks in the car park at Kustom Nationals 2016.


Above & Below: I’m not sure exactly what model this is but this Honda cafe racer at Sakura Picnic was quite cool, and rare apparently. It was street ridden on a club permit, and with with that upward sweeping front fairing, you can see where the inspiration for the ‘Bosozoku’ styled bikes came from.



Above: Also at Sakura Picnic was a pair of cool x73 cressida’s. At first I thought the inner guard had been unrolled on this one but I actually think the original arch has been cut away and a steel flare bashed into shape welded in place. Fitted under the car were custom widened Hayashi Racing Commands.


Above: An extremely immaculate VIP/Bippu styled Toyota Crown Athlete sedan from Toyota Car Club of Victoria’s Winterfest 2016 at Sandown Racecourse. I’m not sure if this was static or bagged, you can never tell these days.


Above: I’ll finish here with a rear shot of this static LS400 also from Winterfest 2016. In a similar VIP/Bippu style but leaning more towards the stance side of things with just enough negative camber given to the 5 spoke Work Equips to make the already wide LS just that little bit wider.


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