Subinats ’17 – What I Managed With A Dodgy Lens.


So I broke my main lens for my 60D… Okay, no big issue. I had a 10-24mm wide angle laying around that I never used anymore, so I figured I’ll just trade that for another main lens. Traded, happy again, not happy. The lens I traded for was a Tamron 17-50mm, with major soft focus issues. On the camera’s LCD screen, the photos looked brilliant but putting them up on the computer, they were very hit and miss with sharpness and focus. Research followed (something I’ll do first next time) and soft focusing was apparently a major issue with these lens’ even when new and the one I picked up was a used example. Fortunately the place where I got it from provided a 3 month warranty to return and so I traded back, got online and purchased a brand new (thank fuck for afterpay) Sigma 18-250mm all rounder lens exactly the same as my original main one which I broke, and so once that arrives hopefully all will be well again.

I didn’t get a chance to return the soft focusing Tamron before Subinats and so I thought I’d give it a go there just to be sure it wasn’t just me being overly fussy, plus I wasn’t in all honesty entirely concerned if I got no photos from Subinats as I was merely going for something to do. As it turns out the 17-50mm did have a soft focusing issue and so photos from Subinats were hit and miss however, when it did manage to get itself spot on (with manual focusing – auto focus was a bit all over the shop) it really was quite spot on, but I don’t want to always deal with hit and miss so returned it was. The wide angle lens which I traded back for is currently up for sale so hit me up on email if you’re local and interested (I won’t post).

I actually will hopefully have a fair bit of content to post in the coming weeks and months, with some hill climb stuff and some more from Mazda Heritage, but I’ll keep that at that for now. Also on a side note my static CD5 Accord which you saw in the last post here is also up for sale, I’ll be getting my Bluebird back on the road at some stage, hopefully before the year is out and so I don’t really want two ‘stance’ cars on the road. I feel the need at the moment for an off roader, something Japanese, and certainly not a full ‘comp truck’, just a nice simple JDM inspired 4×4. More or less a go anywhere, don’t mind it getting dirty, explore vehicle. Still something unique but also something that can be driven daily without fear of defects and speed humps.

Anyway onto the photos, I don’t have a lot to say about Subinats, I pretty much covered the reason behind the event last year. This year there were more race cars and less stance cars but other than that, it was much the same. Don’t let the sun fool you, it wasn’t exactly warm but what can you expect on top of an exposed hill on an island, over looking Bass Straight.


Above & Opening Image: This GC8 Time Attack coupe from GotITRex was more custom aero than it was Subaru. To be honest I’m not sure how much even was still Subaru. Speedhunters photographer Matthew Everingham was on hand and captured the car in full, a feature on it will be coming to the website soon I believe.


Above & Below: Subaru Brumby (Brat) with EJ22 swap and six stud conversion amongst a host of other modifications was very clean and according to the build sign – which due to the choice of font was almost just as hard to read from this distance in person ** – took 9 months to complete. This wasn’t the only Brumby in attendance, opposite was another in red with ‘BRAT’ decals and factory rear tub seats, I didn’t manage to get a decent shot of it though due to that lens issue. The Brumby is a car rarely seen anymore in Australia, there are still a number of them getting around but not nearly enough well built and looked after versions. I remember seeing a boosted one – also red I believe – years ago on an old High Octane DVD, that car has stuck in my mind ever since.

**But made worse by the lens issue. I’m not happy at all with this photo but this was the best of 3 shots I took from the same position and I just wanted to show a full photo of the Brumby because it’s so damn cool so excuse this. You’ll notice the same issue with the bagged Outback shot a few down from here, with the over softness of the wheels and tow hook, and the almost unreadable window stickers, just something about the contrast of white writing on a dark background sent the Tamron into fuckery mode.


Above: Since I have plans to get a 4×4 now, these Epsilon Campeao Do Mundo wheels are exactly what I had in mind and want to run. Although quite a rare wheel you do still see a fair few examples getting around fitted to 4WD’s.



Below: This lifted facelift model SG Forester owned by Tim O’Conner from Foztrek Aus’ was just so awesome to see and only confirmed with me that I need something for off roading. Tim also took out the award for ‘Best Original’.



Above & Below: Bagged Outback from NSW took out the award for ‘Best Stance’ for the second year running.



Above: Not to take any shine away from the Outback’s win, but my personal favourite for what I’d consider Best Stance would have to have been this static GD WRX on Cast 1 piece Rotiform TMB’s next to the BCW stand.




Above: Static harlequin wrapped 86/BRZ fitted with Aimgain x Stancenation widebody kit from MCA Suspension came all the way from QLD. I really like how more people are choosing to fit  wide body kits without rivets now. Rivets have their place on more aggressive builds but I do like the clean and simple lines without them.

Picture8485 Picture8489

Below: I’ll finish with Leo’s static Gen4 Legacy (Liberty) on black chrome Enkei RPF1’s.



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