Gippsland Car Club Hillclimb. Winter Round 2 – Haunted Hills, Part I.


Two posts in a day? Yeah a definite Highstyle first but with everything ready to go, why wait to bring you a selection of what I captured at last Sundays Gippsland Car Club Hillclimb event.

This was my first visit to Haunted Hills Circuit (officially called Bryant Park but Haunted Hills sounds so much cooler doesn’t it?) I can’t believe I’d never been  before, I only live less than an hour from the track and get to take some of the best driving roads in the area to get there. I say this a lot but with monthly meetings held at Bryant Park I’ll certainly be back that’s for sure. In fact I’m even thinking of joining Gippsland Car Club and bringing my Bluebird here for club track days.

This is going to be posted in 2 parts but I honestly took a lot of photos of the same cars. I originally planned to head to Haunted Hills to shoot one car specifically, unfortunately that car didn’t show up to this particular event this time around but no big deal, there are always future club days and when I get the chance to shoot it, I’m sure you’ll see that car up here on Highstyle.

What I loved about the atmosphere is that no one was here to win anything or out do anyone. It’s not about getting that perfect track time and uploading to your favourite social media platform to brag, in fact I highly doubt most of the people in attendance here even get on the internet at all. No fancy laptops or ECU systems, when something goes wrong, just a good old fashioned set of spanners and years of knowledge and know how do the trick.

I tried to capture the spirit of the event and not just the cars themselves. I wanted to evoke a sense of going back to when cars were real, emissions weren’t an issue and the position you came was only gloated about to your grand kids.



Above & Several Below: One car which definitely caught my attention (which you’ll probably notice from the multiple photos of it that you’ll see throughout Part I & II) was Warren Green’s beautiful Ausca Verde kit car. From what I’ve read about the Ausca line of kit cars is that only one genuine example exists, built by former Repco senior engineer Paul England in the mid 1950’s and powered by a Holden grey motor. Several replica bodies have since been created and I would assume that this is just that but absolutely beautiful nonetheless and easily my favourite on the day.







Above: suspension components in a custom Hayabusa powered open wheeler.


Above & Several Below: An open wheeler which really caught my attention was this. I don’t know a whole lot about it apart from it also was bike powered but maybe I’ll try to find out some more next time I see it.






Above & Below: This EG Civic hatch on Buddy Club wheels was so freakin’ clean. I spoke to the owner (who surprisingly was of middle age and not 20-something) as he followed me into the venue. He apparently purchased his son an EG hatch as a first car and after driving it himself decided he had to get one too. I neglected to ask to do a full shoot with the car before he left. It ran a rear diffuser, bucket seats, Momo wheel, all the necessary gauges on the dash and was powered by a turbo B16. It was really cool to see a well executed, quality Honda build in Australia, not that we don’t have cool Honda’s but this could have been plucked right out of a c.2005 US Honda show.





I’ll leave Part I there, Part II coming soon.


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