Gippsland Car Club Hillclimb. Winter Round 2 – Haunted Hills, Part II


Reflecting through these photos from my first visit to Haunted Hills, I’m slightly disappointed with myself that most are detail shots and a lot were of the same car(s). Although a bit annoying (for me anyway), I can’t be too disappointed I guess though as if I had gone to shoot the one car which I mentioned in the last post was the reason I even attended on this day, then I probably would have missed capturing a lot or possibly at least some of these photos you’re seeing anyway. And hey, it’s only 3 weeks until I attend the next hill climb round here at Bryant Park so just a lesson learnt for next time – will try to cover more variety and hopefully feature a couple of cars in full but we’ll see.

Anyway I’ll leave that there and here’s Part II… 




Above: Clean TE Gemini, complete with rare headlight covers and fluffy sheepskin seat covers ready to set a time.



Above & Below: Kids these days and their crazy cambered stance cars… Camber and stance truly isn’t a new thing though, just an over exaggeration pulled from it’s early race car origins and slapped on anything. Keeping tradition alive in this aspect was this awesome period correct Sunbeam Alpine with the perfect 70’s rake and fitted with old school jelly bean mags. It looked like it had just been pulled out of a barn; and it practically had been although sometime ago. It was fitted with a Volvo 4 cylinder (I forgot from which model), and was also street driven as per the club permit.






Above: Used and abused E30 coupe on aftermarket steel wheels wrapped with meaty tyres.




Above & Below: Interior of a track prepped AE80 Corolla 5 door hatch.



Above & Below: I thought I’d share some more detail shots of Warren Green’s Ausca Verde kitcar just because it’s such a beautiful thing so why not.



Above: Kit cars usually are just bare fibreglass shell’s, so to build one you have to scour for parts at swap meets and markets and make use of what you find or have in order to create a cool driving, running car hence the use of vintage VW/Porsche steel wheels and hubs.


Above: A hole had been cut in the rear next to the exhaust outlet to allow for the movement of the gear selector. The car was fitted with a 4 cylinder I believe, although I’m not sure of it’s origin.




Above: I’m not sure of the head lights but I believe the tail lights fitted are from a ’50 Pontiac.


Above: I’ll finish here with this AW11 MR2 which was definitely used to its full intended purpose.


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