Motorclassica. The Australian Concours D’Elegance, 2017 (Part IV)


Well I did say that I was going to get MC all up as soon as possible, and I guess I’ve managed that as this is my last post from the event. The last two cars were both European rally cars so why not post them together? It just so happens that this first car below is a car that began it’s career not too far from my current home. This is a 1970 Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF, and is one of six ex-Works rally cars prepared under then sponsor, Marlboro for the 1972 San Remo rally, where it finished in second place. The Fulvia later made it’s way to a new owner in California for a few years before returning back to Australia in the mid 90’s and receiving a complete ‘back to original specs’ restoration. This Lancia is not just all show now though, looking at it, you probably wouldn’t believe it but the car still competes in multiple events throughout Australia and Europe.







This second car stood out to me from a fair distance away, it may have had something to do with the bright red paint combined with the striking contrast of gold wheels and the white ‘Autodelta’ decal scrolled along the sides… but I think I admittedly have this underlying love for rally cars which I haven’t admitted to myself yet. It’s not that I’m embarrassed or anything to say that I like rally cars, it’s just that it was never something that entirely appealed to me at a younger age (apart from playing Colin McCrae on Playstation). But I just love the RAW appeal that a well and purposefully built rally car has, and the fact that they’re usually driven flat out across all road surfaces, kicking up gravel and dust. It’s like going back to the early days of road rallies, when cars were what you see here, not over engineered computers. Looking at this Alfa Romeo GTV6, my mind conjured up images of it blasting through French and Italian back roads, dust rising up to the pine trees which line the road, and through which the water glistens from behind in the distance… okay so maybe I’m imagining too much.


Autodelta was Alfa Romeo’s works team, or ‘competition division’ set up in the early 1960’s. This GTV6 is a former Group A car built by Autodelta, and one of 10 the same. It was to compete in Targa Florio in 1986 under the Mirabella Racing team, and also competed in the Mille Miglia of the same year. The car was purchased and imported to Australia as recently as 2015, and given a complete over haul but kept the LHD configuration. The GTV is still used in club events today and competed in the Phillip Island Festival of Speed last year (an event I definitely need to attend). This car was a part of the Moss Green Auction on the Saturday night of Motorclassica but failed to sell and was passed in after not making the expected $100k-$130k. The car is currently for sale through Moss green for an asking price of $85,000. Considering the expected price of this car, it’s history, all it comes with; it’s homologation documents, original ‘Automobile Club D’Italia Passaporto’ which states the car was, in 1985 owned by Autodelta Settimo Milanese. Historic photos of the car with former owners/drivers, a second closed ratio gearbox and low ratio diff, the original seats (which have been replaced in-car) and ‘other spares’. It’s probably quite the deal and if only I had a spare $85k, it’d likely be sitting in my garage right now. Maybe I should start a go-fund me page, I think that’s how people make money these days, well that or Youtube. I don’t know, I might just go do some work on that old Nissan currently sitting in my garage…






That’s it for MC 2017, thanks for looking.


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