Elusive Racing Grand Opening


I didn’t initially plan on going to Elusive Racing’s Grand Opening, in fact I only heard about it that morning.  I had time to kill before picking Emily up from the airport that afternoon so I decided I’d stopped by for an hour or so to have a look and it was definitely worth it. I didn’t even really plan on taking photos to be honest but I thought I’d take the camera with me anyway just incase, probably a good thing I did. Seeing some proper good quality Honda builds in person and not just on the internet has given me many new ideas and also encouraged ideas I already have for my Accord so that’ll be getting resprayed (again) and a rebuild in 2018.

I got rid of the italics on here too, bit easier to read now? I think I need a new layout which allows larger images but I’ll look into that.



The first car I noticed as I walked from where I had to park around 100 metres down the road was this  K- swapped EM Civic Coupe. 


As I turned around from taking the photo of the EM, I noticed what I at first thought was a Galant wagon with an Odyssey front end or something, then I realised it was actually a CM2 Accord (Euro) wagon. I have seen them in photos previously but never one in person as they were never sold here and as far as I know there is only one other apart from this one in the country? 


This one sat nicely on opposing colour Volk RE30’s.



AP2 S2000 on black Rota Grids.


Directly opposite the Elusive entrance was this pair of K-swapped EG hatch’s.


Karcepts Injector rail on the blue EG.



The blue EG sat on Sprint Hard Competitions and J’s Racing front fenders.


The black EG, also running  J’s Racing front fenders and sitting nicely on Buddy Club P1’s.


Silver Accord Euro on Enkei RPF1’s and fitted with a Mugen rear wing.


Inside were Elusive’s own pair of Voltex kitted S2000’s. PBOI runs a HKS supercharger and sits on bronze Volk ZE40’s. I’m not entirely sure if NAKAMA below runs the same charged set up or not, but unlike PBOI it was fitted with a set of Buddy Club tail lights.



Up the back behind the Chinese Dragon display was this stripped out DC2 JDM Integra Type R with a carbon bonnet on Enkei RPF1’s. I’m not sure brand what the front lip and  flares are.


A side look at the JDM ITR.


Next to the white Integra was this Spoon kitted DC5, which also wore the Spoon Sports  livery.



Back outside and a clean EG hatch with a swapped B series and ITR wheels.


Then this Fairlady Z on Watanabe’s showed up…


I kinda like these two photos, looks like a scene from a movie haha.






Another look at the blue K swapped EG.


A front shot of a white EG (hatch I believe it was?) parked opposite where I did. I kinda like this photo too, almost could be somewhere in Japan.


I’ll finish on a photo of my nugget and the last photo I took on the day, bigger and better things to come for this car next year.


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