Kustom Nats 2018, Part I – San Remo.



As promised, within the week, we’re moving onto Kustom Nats ’18. So last year, I only went to San Remo on the Friday night and that was kind of the plan this year if the weekend was going to be hot. But following the fact that I heard this MAY be the last Kustom Nats ever I decided I had to make it down there for at least 2 days. I only live about 45 mins from the Island so that sort of helps when you don’t have to source accommodation and shit because I’m quite sure half of the island is booked out for this particular weekend. I’ll start off with Friday night at San Remo; bands playing, cool cars, beautiful location, what more? Enjoy. Part II soon.

Opening photo: This years chop top victim was a single spinner woody station wagon. I like this photo, it almost looks like it was taken at a swap meet in the 50’s.


Above: Another Spinner, this time a chopped coupe.



Above: This Shovelnose Corona was pretty mad, it rolled in with an equally cool Stanza.


Above: Details of the soon to be cut up woody Spinner.


Above & Below: Exotic Graphics were back with the SEMA 2016’s Wrap Like A King challenge winner Toxic Rat and their new and equally impressive Beetle (Below), winner of SEMA 2017 Wrap Like A King.


Yeah, that’s not actually wood, that’s all wrap. You can see why they won.







Bagged ’59 Bel Air Lowrider has been around the traps for a little while, still cool to see.


And to finish; another shot of the Shovelnose. Part II to come.



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