The Photographs.

All the photographs and writing displayed on this site are taken and written by me, myself and I own the copyright to each image and worded feature.

I started Matt Lindsay Photography around 2008, originally as an urban exploration photography blog named ‘MelbourneUrbex’ – admittedly the photography aspect back then was safe to say a little amateur. I’ve never had any training in photography or studied it in any type of course, I have self taught myself in photography over the last 10 years, mainly out of my own stubbornness.

After some time I wanted to add other styles of photography and the name was changed to ShotByMatt and consisted of all types of architectural photography – apart from abandonments, the rest was mostly made up of heritage/ historic homes and locations. At the same time I started a separate blog called KustomAuto (now defunct) for the automotive side of things. In the end all of the Kustom Auto articles and features were moved back here to Shot By Matt (now highstyle auto culture/Highstyle.cc) and the blog is purely auto/moto related and consists of quality photographs combined with a blog/ diary style of write up coupled with information about each feature posted.

Instagram (Photo/ Highstyle official) @highstyle.cc

About Me.

My name is Matt Lindsay, I’m 27, I am Dad to a 4 year old son and I currently reside in South Gippsland, Victoria. Apart from photography, my only other real interest is that of automotive culture, particularly that of the Japanese and European variety. I grew up around cars and they have always been a huge part of my life. I try to attend as many events as possible and generally if I’m not talking about cars or looking at cars, I’m working on my own – a 1985 Nissan Bluebird inspired by Japan’s ‘Kaido Racers’ and a Japanese take on the USDM influence of vintage American racecars. I also have a strong admiration of architecture, as well as many forms of art.

Instagram (Personal) @highstyle_matt



Canon EOS 60D.

Sigma 18-250mm.
Sigma 18-50mm 2.8-4.5 HSM.
Tamron SP 10-24mm.

Digital remote shutter release.
Various Cokin & Hoya filters.
Vanguard Pistol-Grip Espod tripod.

Post processing of my photographs consists of several minor adjustments using Canon software. No Photoshop or HDR is used on any of my photographs.


12 thoughts on “[About]

  1. Hi Matt,
    I’m on the peninsula, I’ve poked around a bit but haven’t found anything good to explore other than the Peninsula Center in Frankston. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Matt,
    I’m around the Frankston area, just got a tip off about the [Location name removed by Admin], thinking of going with a few mates, care to join us?
    My mobile is **********,
    Text me if you are interested,

      • I think Bob is referring to Willsmere from your other ‘blog, themainward.

        My partner and I are residents of Willsmere. We really appreciate the photographs you’ve taken.

      • Thanks Lev. I have many more photographs to add to The Main Ward, I have just been unable to find the time as yet.

  3. Hi Matt. I don’t suppose you’re on twitter? It seems we have a few interests in common, and it would be cool to see what you’re up to inbetween blog posts 🙂

  4. Hi Matt. This is so cool, love your photos. Great to find another person who’s interested in these old places. I visited Point Nepean Quarantine Station and took some snaps (not proper photos like yours) as I’m hoping to set part of my next novel there (I’m a writer by trade). I’m also keen to go on some Explores. Please let me know if I’d be able to join you on an expedition sometime. Cheers

    • Hello Meg, my apologies for such a late reply. The Quarantine Station is quite a relaxing place I find. It’s always good to meet new people to explore with, if you wish to contact me via Email in regards to future explores please feel free to do so.

  5. Hi mate, I am an aspiring tunnel explorer/photographer residing in STK Melbourne. I work away at sea through most of summer so miss out on proactically all of the cave clan meetings and never get to their ‘new member expos’, but I am desperate and incredibly keen to get some insight into where to start looking for some good tunnels. I saw one of your posts on walkingmelbourne about the Tetris?? I found a couple of drains near my place but they don’t seem overly spectacular.

    Anyway, if you have any good insight or information or even if you would like a companion or to come along and show me some good drains I’m interested either way.

    I ccan be reacched at oo.agar@gmail.com

    thanks mate

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